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Get a variety of hops!

Four times a year, we send out special packages containing one pound of limited availability hops delivered to your door featuring at least three varities. We'll also include an informational sheet, aroma samples and whatever else we can stuff in!

You'll also get our subscribers email, letting you know about the hops before they ship, so you can plan your brew schedule.  

Shipping is included! We mail out your hops using USPS First Class Mail, meaning delivery is just 2-3 days from the time of shipment to most U.S. addresses. 




Q: When do the Quarterly Shipments go out?

A: The quarterly shipments go out in December, March, June and September. We mail out shipmemnts on the second tuesday of the Month. 


Q: That seems like a lot to pay for hops!

A: Depending on your perspective, and where you live, it might seem like it. While your local homebrew supply company likely has some hops in the $2 range, most of those are from huge co-ops and are the result of mixing the crop from several different farms together to achieve a consistent product for the year.

Our hops are sourced directly from the farmer or the local co-op and we’ll tell you not just the region that the hops were grown in, but specifically which farm they came from and where that farm is at. We'll tell you the date of harvest, the beta acid and total oil content if we can. Check out our blog for more on why the hops in our past shipments have been special enough to inlcude. 

Still unsure about how the price breaks down? Here’s the per ounce cost - including USPS Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the United States:

  • $41 / 1 pound (16 ounces) = $2.56 per ounce


Q: Does the subscription automatically renew?

A: No. We’ll send you a reminder in your last shipment, but we won’t automatically bill you for another subscription.


Q: If I give this as a gift, can I include a note?

A: Absolutely! Let us know in the note to seller area during checkout. If you forget to do it then, you can always email me at: Jonathan@HopoftheMonthClub.com.


Q: Do you have a schedule of what hops are included in each month’s shipment?

A: Because the farms and co-ops we work with are small, this can change pretty quickly. We do generally know a month in advance, so include a heads up in the monthly shipment notifications and our email newsletter.


Q: Can I choose which hops are in the monthly shipments?

A: Not at this time. We may add this feature at some point. If this is something you’d like to see let me know at: Jonathan@HopoftheMonthClub.com.


Q: What are aroma samples?

A: Ever wonder what a hop smells like and wish you could check it out before you brew? I include some of the "hop dust" found in the bottom of the bulk packs I get in from suppliers in a separate package so you get the chance to do just that. You can simply open the packs and inhale, or do that and then drop them in hot water for a couple of minutes to get an idea of what the flavors will be like.


Q: I live outside the United States, can I subscribe?

A: While I would love to say "Yes!", it depends... If you live outside the U.S. and would like to join the Club, send me an email at Jonathan@HopoftheMonthClub.com with the size of subscription you're interested in, how long you'd like to subscribe and where you're at. I will look into what the costs to ship to you are and the potential customs challenges and then let you know so that you can determine whether or not to move forward.

As a heads up, shipping costs will make up the bulk of any international order. Even shipping to Canada is roughly four times the cost of mailing out the same thing to an address in the U.S. The price-to-hops ratio gernerally starts to even out around two pounds. Let me know if you're interested.