November Only Hop Drop
November Only Hop Drop
November Only Hop Drop

November Only Hop Drop

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This gets you a sample shipment of hops. With this pack, you'll get:

  • 4 oz of Whole leaf Comet hops from the 2019 Harvest at the Kansas Hop Co.
  • 4 oz of Columbus hops in a can from the 2019 Harvest at the Kansas Hop Co.
  • A recipe/info card 
  • Aroma samples so you can preview your brew day. Or just use it as beer-centric aroma therapy. 
  • Stickers and any other extras we can toss in!

Shipping is included! We mail out your hops using USPS First Class Mail, meaning delivery is just 2-3 days from the time of shipment to most U.S. addresses. 



Q: When does this ship?

A: Our monthly shipments go out on the second Monday of the month. This will ship on 11/11/2019.


Q: If I give this as a gift, can I include a note or ship to a different address?

A: Absolutely! Let us know in the note to seller area during checkout. If you forget to do it then, you can always email me at:


Q: What are aroma samples?

A: Ever wonder what a hop smells like and wish you could check it out before you brew? I include some of the "hop dust" found in the bottom of the bulk packs I get in from suppliers in a separate package so you get the chance to do just that. You can simply open the packs and inhale, or do that and then drop them in hot water for a couple of minutes to get an idea of what the flavors will be like.


Q: I live outside the United States, can I order?

A: While I would love to say "Yes!", it depends... If you live outside the U.S. and would like to join the Club, send me an email at with the size of subscription you're interested in, how long you'd like to subscribe and where you're at. International shipping runs US$12 - $40, depending on where you are. I will look into what the costs to ship to you are and then let you know so that you can determine whether or not to move forward. As a heads up, shipping costs will make up the bulk of any international order. Even shipping to Canada is roughly four times the cost of mailing out the same thing to an address in the U.S. You may also have customs or import taxes on your end as well.