2019 Godiva Hops 2 oz

2019 Godiva Hops 2 oz

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From the Charles Faram experimental hop breeding program in the UK. Aroma hop with gooseberry (Sauvignon Blanc) and tangerine aromas. Godiva is a daughter to Jester, a descendent of Cascade.

Godiva has only been released in the last couple of years in the United States and is not widely available. The hop typically features gooseberry, white grape, and tangerine aromas with some spice notes.

The hop gets it's name not from the chocolate company (a confusion only encountered when they first introduced the hop to American brewers), but from the legend of Lady Godiva. The hop bines are so sparsely covered with leaves that the growers thought they looked almost naked in comparison to her sister plants.

The development team at Charles Faram has good results using Godiva in single hopped Brut IPAs and Lagers. They suggest substituting GodivaTM where you would use Wai-iti or Hallertau Blanc.