Blind Bat Brewery "Vlad the Inhaler"

Blind Bat Brewery clone recipe for Vlad the Inhaler


Here is a ten-gallon version of my “Vlad the Inhaler” Grodziskie recipe:


16 lbs. of wheat malt, which I smoke over oak for at least two hours. Alternatively, you can now get excellent smoked wheat malt from Weyermann. Such was not available when I began brewing this beer, but since I enjoy the smoking process, I continue to smoke my own malts for all my smoked beers. (This is also a good way to ensure that the smoked malt is as fresh as you can use).


Optional for homebrewers is an additional pound of Munich malt. My original recipe was 100% smoked wheat malt, but the Federal government requires malted barley to be in any and all commercially-produced beer. I didn’t need to add much to make it legal.


Non-Optional: As much rice hulls mixed in with the wheat as you can fit into your mash tun. Being either 100% or 99% wheat malt, the possibility of a stuck mash is high. When you think you have enough rice hulls, add some more if you can just to be sure!


Mash at 149º F for two hours (or 90 minutes if you can't make the time, but hey — it’s just another half hour).


Sparge as with any other beer, and boil for 90 minutes with the following hop additions:


* 2 oz Polish Lublin - OR - Czech Saaz 3.2 AA with 60 minutes remaining to the boil


* 4 oz Polish Lublin - OR - Czech Saaz 3.2 AA with 20 minutes remaining to the boil


* 6 oz Polish Lublin - OR - Czech Saaz 3.2 AA with 5 minutes remaining to the boil


I typically ferment at around 72º F using a neutral German Ale Yeast and Lactobacillus. Here, you can diverge if you wish — My original research into the style showed that there was a bit of tart sourness back in the day (at least in an account from 1908, which described it as “tart and wine-like” (which I take to be dry). However, the style evolved over time, and official BJCP guidelines specifically note "No sourness and “never sour.” I disagree, so Vlad will never win any medals — but that is OK by me as long as I and others enjoy it for what it is.


Either way, what you ultimately want is s dry and highly-carbonated beer, with a very sessional ABV around 3%. Excellent summertime beer, with or without grilled kielbasa.


Na Zdrowie, and Happy Brewing!




5 Gal. Mash Ingredients:

8 lbs wheat malt, home smoked over oak for two hours, or 8 pounds commercial smoked wheat malt

1 lb Munich malt, optional

Rice hulls – as many as will fit in your mash kettle to prevent a stuck mash


Mash at 149º F for 2 hours

90-minute boil


5 Gal. Hop Additions:

60 minutes: 1 oz Polish Lublin - OR - Czech Saaz 3.2 AA

20 minutes: 2 oz Polish Lublin - OR - Czech Saaz 3.2 AA

5 minutes: 3 oz Polish Lublin - OR - Czech Saaz 3.2 AA



German Ale Yeast and (optional) Lactobacillus at 72º F


Should be highly carbonated: 3-3.5 atmospheres

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