American Pale Ale: Nugget Hops

There was an error on the recipe in some of the December 2019 packs. I’d like to apologize for the confusion and try to make it up with the corrected recipe. For everyone else, you get a bonus recipe! 

I thought that I had scaled the recipe from 4 gallons, which I use for test batches in a 3.5-gallon carboy, to 5.5 gallons but had not. If you received a pack with the Single Hop American Pale Ale: Nugget recipe in it, the actual recipe is below (unless you want to brew a four-gallon batch).


Single Hop American Pale Ale: Nugget

5-gallon batch (5.5 batch, allowing for a half gallon of sediment in the primary).

75-minute boil.

BJCP 2015 – 18B, American Pale Ale.


Malts & Adjuncts            Pounds     Ounces         % of total

Maris Otter                         7                 8                  67

American 6-Row Pale           2                12                  24

Torrified Wheat                    1                  0                   9



  • Mash in 3.5 gallons of water at 130ºF. After adding the grains, temp should be around 122ºF. Rest 30 minutes.
  • Boost temperature to 150ºF, and rest for 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Boost temperature. to 170ºF and rest for 10 minutes.
  • Sparge with 4 gallons + 2.5 cups (4.15 gallons) of water at 170 degrees to collect 6.5 gallons for boil.
  • Boil for 75 minutes, following the addition schedule below.


Additions                              Quantity        Boil Time (min)

Nugget hops                            0.35 oz            60       

Nugget hops                            1.00 oz            15 

Irish Moss                               1 tsp                 15

Nugget hops                            1.65 oz            1        

Fermentis US-05 Yeast             1 each           Primary  

Nugget hops                            1.00 oz          Primary


By the Numbers

Kettle Gravity                     1.047

Target Original Gravity         1.053   

Target Final Gravity (appx.)  1.013               

Alcohol by Volume               5.22%

Color (SRM)                         5.51                 

Bitterness (IBU)                    34.4



Recipe assumes a 75% mash and 75% attenuation efficiencies. If doing brew-in-a-bag, add additional malts in the percentages listed above depending on your efficiency. Chill to the mid-70’s before pitching yeast.     


About the Recipe

This is a variation on the recipe that I use to test out hops. It’s one I’ve been brewing for close to 10 years, tinkering with the ingredients now and then. It’s what I use when I want to know what a new hop does, or what a new malt tastes like. And it really is quick- I’ve gotten it from kettle to bottle to glass in 10 days. While drinkable, it’s better after a week of warm conditioning and a couple weeks of cold conditioning in bottle.

The resulting beer is somewhere between a British Golden Ale and an American Pale Ale (2015 BJCP styles 12A and 18B respectively). Sits on the high side of the former, and mid-low for hops on the latter. I carbonate it higher than British beers usually are when I brew this for myself, so tend to describe it as an APA.

You can also skip the first step, and do a single infusion at 152 degrees for 60 minutes. I think the rest at 122 degrees helps convert some of the sugars in the torrified (unmalted) wheat, but it is optional.

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