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You can find all kinds of people in the homebrew community online. Serious gearheads, the occasional hobbyist, the perfectionist, the person just starting out. They’re all there, and from many different countries as well. One of the best things to come out of the move to Social Media and is the knowledge transfer available to new brewers.

I was lucky that my local library had a decent selection of books to choose from so I could read multiple sources before attempting my first batch. It helped that I had seen the process before- a college acquaintance had given a demo to anyone interested 10 years or so before. YouTube had been out for barely two years when I started brewing, and there certainly weren’t homebrewing videos with the picture quality and information that you can find today. I wish that it had been – it most likely would have helped me not over carbonate that first batch. (Tasted great, by the way. You just got 2-3 ounces per 22-ounce bottle. “Lively” was the euphemism my Father in Law used…)

Video pro and amateur fermentationalist Trent Musho started sharing his brewing adventures on YouTube last December. In a few short months he’s posted nearly three dozen videos covering recipes, equipment considerations, tools, and general how-to walkthroughs for multiple fermented beverages. Trent was kind enough to answer a bunch of my questions on everything from his favorite hop to brewing vegan.  


Trent, pup and homebrew at TheBruSho World HQ.
Image courtesy TheBruSho. 


Hop: Tell us a little about yourself.

Trent: When I’m not home brewing, I work as a photographer & videographer creating content for various brands and organizations. I studied film in college and have been a big film lover since I was a child. Whether it’s a classic from the 1940s or a B movie from the 80s, I love it all. I also enjoy gardening and growing my own food, cooking, wood working, and hiking. Being a Midwesterner at heart, I have loved living on the west coast and enjoying outdoors adventures. I appreciate the process of experimenting with recipes and will try fermenting anything once, where it’s new brews, veggies, breads, or kombucha!


Hop: How did you get interested in Craft Beer?

Trent: My first introduction into craft beer was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Before that I had no idea beer could have that level of flavor. Once I had a taste, I had to start trying other craft beers. Now a days anytime I am at the store, I am looking for something new and different to taste.


Hop: Do you remember the spark that took you from a beer fan to wanting to produce your own beer?

Trent: One year I got a home wine making kit as a gift that had a glass carboy, bucket, and the ingredients to make my first wine. I carefully followed the directions and after a few weeks I was sipping on my own homemade wine. It just blew my mind that I could make my own wine at home. It was so much more fun to share with friends and family and give out as gifts. From that moment I never looked back and started experimenting with other fermentations, eventually making my way to beer.


Hop: You have videos for making beer, hard seltzer, kombucha and Jun. Do you ferment anything else?

Trent: I’m always looking for something different to ferment. I read articles and books about unique fermentations from other countries and try and make them at home. Recently I read about Pulque from Mexico which is fermented agave sap so I gave that a try. While it’s not exactly like the original it definitely sparked inspiration to see what else I could try fermenting. I also really enjoy making cider at home, it’s such a great base for adding additional flavors depending on the season.

 TheBruSho Oktoberfest. Recipe and video on their YouTube channel.
Image courtesy TheBruSho. 


Hop: What’s been your brewing highlight so far?

Trent: Most recently I was extremely proud of how my Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter came out. I love anything Chocolate PB and have been dying to make a beer with those flavors, and I couldn’t have been happier with the result! It was flavorful, creamy, and not too sweet so I could sip on a few!


Hop: Favorite beer to brew?

Trent: I love to brew seasonally so it really depends on the time of the year, but right now I am really excited for the weather to heat up and to brew up a fruited wheat ale. Nothings more refreshing than drinking a few cold ones on a hot summer day.


Hop: Do you have a favorite hop? If so, what makes it special?

Trent: It’s not as flashy as other hops but I love Magnum. It has a clean bitterness that can really go with any style and it doesn’t get in the way. Perfect for an early bettering addition and then paired with some stronger aromatic and flavor hops at knockout.


Hop: What do you think the top three reasons are for someone to start homebrewing?

Trent: The first reason is probably because its a wonderful hobby to have. I love sharing my beer with friends and family, and its special because its homemade and uniquely my own. Anytime I tell someone new that I brew beer they get very interested and I am always trying to tell them to take a shot at it themselves. I also think that some people have a hard time getting a certain style of beer in their area, so they will try and brew it themself. You can play with recipes and adjust until your home brew is exactly to your liking. Lastly, I think people might believe they are going to save money making beer, which can be true, as long as you don’t become a gear head!


Hop: Number one resource for a new homebrewer?

Trent: I’d have to say YouTube, there are endless videos to watch and always something new coming out for you to learn about. Before I started my own YouTube channel, it was one of my primary resources.


Hop: What made you decide to start a YouTube channel?

Trent: It was something I had been thinking about for years. I had experience making videos in my professional life and when not working I was making beer, so why not bring the two together. Being home more than ever last year was the final kick I needed to make the jump.

 Watermelon Wheat Beer. Recipe on TheBruSho YouTube channel.
Image courtesy TheBruSho. 


Hop: In your first video, you mention that you’re a photographer and videographer. It clearly shows in the production of your videos. Do you have someone who helps out, or do you do it all?

Trent: For the most part I shoot and edit everything myself! It’s been such a great way to combine my loves of film making and home brewing. My wife Rachel also lends a hand during filming, helps with script writing, and is the producer I need to keep me on schedule. TheBruSho wouldn’t exist without her!


Hop: Where should people start on your YouTube channel?

Trent: If you are new to brewing, I have a playlist on “How to Brew Beer” where I put together some basic videos as well as easy recipes. Otherwise I have other playlists for cider recipes, beer recipes, and DIY projects as well.


Hop: You use the word “veganize” in the Jun video. Are you vegan/vegetarian? If so, how has that impacted your brewing?

Trent: Yes, I am vegan and thankfully it hasn’t really had an impact on my brewing! Just like with cooking, with some creativity and research there are so many easy substitutes to make. There are a few ingredients I don’t use: gelatin (sub in biofine), isinglass (sub in whirlfloc), lactose, and honey (sub in maple syrup or agave). I love teaching others about how easy vegan swaps can be to make!


Hop: Where can people follow along with your brewing adventures?

Trent: Outside of YouTube I spend most of my time on Instagram (@TheBruSho) where I post behind the scenes and sneak peaks into my upcoming videos. I also love chatting with other brewers, so don’t hesitate to reach out with comments or questions.


Hop: What else should we know?

Trent: With my channel I aim to demystify home brewing and make recipes that beginners can follow along with. I don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed, but making home brewing a hobby they can enjoy and escape to! I post new videos every Sunday on my YouTube channel. I have a lot of unique and fun videos coming out this year as well as some future collaborations with other YouTubers in the works. Please be sure to subscribe and follow along!

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