Guest Bloggers: FAQs and Answers


We welcome guest post submissions! Please send post ideas or articles for review to Jonathan@


Here's what we're looking for:

  •  Original content; material submitted must be your own original work. Stories first published elsewhere will be considered if there is an update/revision/new/bonus material.
  • Articles focused around brewing techniques, homebrew recipes, a specific hop variety or varieties, cooking with beer, brewing education, your experience as a brewer developing recipes or a visit to a hop farm.
  • Creative uses for hops. We've made lemonade and sorbet with hops. There are people who make soaps and essential oils. Surprise us with an idea! We love that.
  • Product reviews related to homebrewing or serving/packaging beer. Be sure the article focuses around how it can help the homebrewer. Straightforward product reviews should go to the store you bought the item from
  • Articles around other brewing ingredients (malt, yeast, water profiles, herbs, spices, etc.) are good too. Better, and more interesting, if they include a recipe.


Things to keep in mind:

  • You'll get the author/photo credit. We're happy to include your name, blog/website address, short bio and/or link to your other content.
  • New bloggers and authors are welcome! We care about the content; not how famous you are.
  • We'll verify your sources and reach out to interview subjects for verification.
  • We may make edits or suggestions to your article before publishing. You'll get a chance to review our comments before anything gets published.
  • We aren't able to pay in cash for your article at this time. We're bootstrapping this business and all funds available go for hops, mailing, webhosting, packaging, taxes, etc. We'd love to be able to pay you in cash but at this time it's not feasible. We are happy to link to your blog, send you traffic and promote your post on social media, and maybe send you some hops.
  • You'll retain the rights to your article. Should you decide at some point that the post needs to come down, we will absolutely do that for you. We'll also keep the post up as long as it makes sense on our end. If we're lucky enough to be in business to 10 years, your blog post will still be up and pointing toward your site.
  • Need your blog address or website link updated? Let us know!
  • We're happy to act as a reference for authors of guest posts. Let us know what you need.
  • To the extent possible, recipes will be tested before being published.
  • We won't publish your affiliate links. We also don't publish our own affiliate links. Any link on this website is given because we like the source, are quoting/referencing a source or something similar.


Here's what we're not looking for:

  • Beer reviews. A comparison of single hop beers might be interesting. If this is your focus, reach out first.
  • Derisive, sexist, offensive or snarky content. It's our blog, and any posts reflect on us so it's our perception and taste that will be the threshold.
  • Excessive use of vulgar language.
  • Beer travel, unless you can tie it to one of the subjects listed in "Here's what we're looking for" above.

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