2019 Hoppy Trails Hop Farm Rakau/AlphAroma (IA)


  • Grown by Hoppy Trails Hop Farm in Inwood, Iowa
  • 9.2% alpha acids
  • 3.3% beta acids
  • Total oil: 1.35ml/100g


  • Intensely aromatic. Lots of bright fruit (mango, star fruit, papaya, white peach) with floral and citrus high notes.  
  • Originally released as AlphAroma in the 1980s, these New Zealand hops didn’t gain much traction commercially. The hops were rebranded by the breeders as “Rakau” and rereleased in 2007. Only a few farms in the United States grown these, and most use the old name.

Featured in:

  • December 2019 Hop Drop

Club Recipe:

  • New Zealand Pilsner (BJCP 2015 – 34B, Mixed Style Beer)

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