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Qingdao Flower Hops (Gansu, PRC)


  • Grown in Gansu, China
  • 6.5% alpha acids
  • 3.4-4.2% beta acid range


  • Bright and crisp, with a lemon-peel quality to the bitterness. Distinct in the way that Saaz-type hops are, but New World citrus and melon flavors. British style currant and earthy flavors are present as well. Bitterness intensity is medium.
  • Sourced through Himalaya Beer Supply.

Featured in:

  • Vendor Event - 2019 Bluebonnet Brew-Off (Prize baskets only)

Test Recipe:

  • American Pale Ale (BJCP 2015 – 18B, American Pale Ale)

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