How it Works

Unique hops. Hard to find varieties. Delivered monthly.

We source hops directly from family farms and small co-ops and offer them to home brewers. Because a lot of the farms and co-ops we work with are small or offer unusual varieties, quantities are limited. Many small farms sell out within a few months of harvest.

Unless you live close to one of the featured farms, these aren't the hops you'll find at your local homebrew supply shop. These are unique hops from small producers and when they're gone... they're gone until the next harvest. 

Each monthly shipment includes:

- Hops!

- An aroma sample of the featured hops for that month, to give you a preview before you brew.

- An informational card and recipe.

- Whatever extras we can shove in! This has included bonus hops, buttons, stickers, hats and more. 

Subscriptions come in 4-, 8- and 16-oz sizes. You can select to may up front for a specific period of time, or to set up monthly recurring bill.  For more information visit our subscriptions page. 

Looking for the perfect gift? Try our Mystery Box. This one-time drop comes in two options (8 oz and 16 oz) and will feature 2-5 different types of hops. 

Blog posts

Hop of the Month Club

We are bringing hops sourced directly from the farm and co-op to homebrewers.  Every month we'll feature a hand picked selection of hops you likely won't find at your local homebrew store. These are small lots from small farms, and when they're gone... they're gone until the next harvest.